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Becky Ainge - Collection: So Far




Becky Ainge is a British contemporary pianist and composer, based in the English county of Dorset.


Born in the West Midlands town of Solihull, Becky received her classical training in an environment exhibiting a proud regional identity rooted in both heavy industry and popular music, elements of which exerted a strong stylistic influence upon her musical development.


After seven years abroad, immersed in the cultural idyll of Finland's Uusimaa region, Becky returned to England in 2018 with a unique artistic perspective and began to forge her signature style of individualistic compositional minimalism.


Becky's contemplative, creative spirit draws upon such disparate influences as raw industrial precision and the natural world, through which her characteristic application of sound contains and punctuates the tranquil, voiceless space underlying each composition.


With a growing international audience and frequent airplay on both local and regional radio stations, Becky continues to develop her signature sound, composing on a vintage Steinway piano and recording in her rural home studio.




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New Release
Coastlines - Album - 11.11.2022

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Becky Ainge - One Step at a Time (Promo Clip) 

Becky Ainge - Under the Stars (Music Video) 

Becky Ainge - With Open Eyes (Music Video) 

Becky Ainge - Rising

 (Short Clip) 

Becky Ainge - Winter Tale

 (Music Video

Becky Ainge - Dance with the Night Sky

 (Music Video) 

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